How are security policies implemented fro urgent loans?

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Without a doubt, one of the concerns that most afflict people who decide to take a financial service through an online platform, is that they are not sure how internet security works and fear that their data will somehow be stolen for fraud or extortion, so that they end up in an unfortunate situation. This is not a fear at all unfounded considering what has happened during the year.

One of the most talked about computer security issues at the beginning of 2017 was the existence of a virus to the network known as “WannaCry”, a malware that infected the system of the attacked server by stealing critical information for its operation and then asking for a “rescue” of that data to return everything to normal. This obviously aroused the alarms of all financial services entities that make urgent loans, since those that had not been attacked feared that this would happen in a matter of time.

That is why shielding

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On the Internet is more than necessary and a company that does not, regardless of its market or commercial activity, could be the victim of a hacker who steals your information and puts at risk the economic and moral integrity of your customers. Having procedures that guarantee maximum security for those who are part of our online community is very important, for this reason we have internet security policies that allow us to minimize any type of hacking on the network.

At Hedda Gabler, we are aware of the need to respect the privacy of customer data that see us as their preferred platform to grant credits, and we are more than convinced that the trust they are placing in us requires security integral that allows us to keep it for a long time. While they say that trust is not easy to win, it is much harder to recover. That is why we are very attentive to avoid the awkward moments having our credit granting policies very clear.

Especially, we want you to know that we take very seriously to find measures that guarantee the security of your data, to be able to give you the certainty that these will never be used for any criminal activity and that they are not shared with other entities without your prior authorization taking into account Account of Colombian laws, especially Habeas Data. Additionally, it is important to keep in mind that all platforms that have purchase or transfer services by credit or debit cards, have a requirement of a special condition that we must meet. This requirement is known as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, which establishes a clear set of practices, tools and measures that aim to guarantee the protection of information as well as an adequate treatment for all data. associated with electronic means of payment. Although our platform does not have this type of services, such as urgent loans, our servers do comply with the quality standards mentioned above (PCI JII).

In addition to these standards

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Our system also makes use of the famous “Cookies”, which are data that are generally used on websites to save and retrieve the information of each of the visitors to the page. In the case of our company, cookies only give us the data that is available and the information is analyzed anonymously and allows us to contribute to the improvement of the user experience.

We also have a certificate that is very important for any website today and corresponds to the Secure Socket Layer or its SSL acronym. This allows us to encrypt all the information that travels from your computer to our servers, so that no one can access any personal data.

These security measures that are taken for the proper and proper use of our platform have only one single function: protect your information. With this we can minimize the possibility of cyber attacks by hackers or people interested in the theft of systematic information, taking care of their identity and the most important data so that you have full confidence in the use of our platform.


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It is essential that you know that no one other than our employees knows your information, and this is also restricted knowledge. For example, if we have to make a customer service, the information that the advisors receive has to do only with the main contact details. This is the only information available to them. Likewise, if the case merits processing the information, it is completely depersonalized and works completely anonymously.

We know the importance of our clients in matters of computer security, that is why we want to be very clear in the way in which we guarantee their security and transparency in the collection of data that we do from our platform, to obtain some of Our urgent loans. It is also very important that everyone knows what our privacy policy is and how it also guarantees the security you need. There is contained all the information corresponding to the processing of personal data and what we must guarantee as a company, as well as what you should do as a customer.

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